Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Atlanta Chocolate Company - Chocolate Fountains on the move

Atlanta Chocolate Company has been making the rounds around the Atlanta, GA area with their chocolate fountains. Just in the past week, we have served over 1,100 guests with our delicious Belgian chocolate filled fondue fountains.

The new bigger fountain that holds 20 lbs of chocolate debuted at Jezebel Magazine’s Pre-Valentine’s Day Party at Strip, a new restaurant in Atlantic Station in midtown Atlanta, GA on February 9th. We also had another chocolate fountain upstairs in the VIP section. Over 800 guests showed up to support this charity fundraiser as well as indulge in all kinds of delicious treats. The chocolate fountains were a big hit with this crowd.

We also served guests at corporate events this week at Coca Cola and HUD, what a perfect way to treat your co-workers to a quick midday distraction from the monotony of every day work!

And yet another party is on the way this Saturday evening at another restaurant in Atlanta for a birthday party…

So as you can probably tell there is no indication that things will slow down with our chocolate fountains. It continues to be fun watching people enjoy our chocolate fountains and this week my husband, Tony, got a quick glimpse of what it is like to see firsthand how people react to the fountains while he helped me out with a few of these events this past week. I think he now has a better idea of why I decided this really would be fun….I think he really had fun too and he was quite the “host” with his fun serving skills.

Keep an eye open and follow the aroma of the chocolate…….you might find we are right around the corner from you!