Saturday, December 31, 2005

A Super Sweet Wedding

It doesn't get any sweeter than this! We've all been to weddings and normally a meal or heavy hors d'oeuvres are served. This couple opted for an "All Dessert" Wedding Reception. Your normal chocolate fountain dipping items were presented in their normal arrangement around the chocolate fountain......then the next table was stretched with all kinds of additional sweets that were also intended for the chocolate fountain accompanied by Starbuck's Coffee. Just when the guests thought they were on chocolate, caffeine and sugar overload, the wedding cake rolled out to be cut and was served with ice cream. The only thing on the "menu" that wasn't sweet was the pretzel rods, most of which were dipped in luscious dark Belgian Callebaut chocolate as was most everything else. I hope their marriage is just as sweet!

Monday, December 19, 2005

No Mess No Fuss Chocolate Fountain

I feel obligated to share this because their have been potential chocolate fountain bookings that didn't get booked because of a major misconception that all chocolate fountains are messy. While it is true that having a chocolate fountain could be messy if unattended or used improperly, my main objective when attending to my chocolate fountains is to ensure that no one makes a mess of the surrounding area or of themselves.

One of the first things we ask of all of our clients is that they supply plenty of small plates and napkins for their guests. These two items are key in providing a tidy chocolate fountain presentation. As guests eagerly approach the chocolate fountain with a skewered strawberry or other dipping item, I grab a plate and put it right under their dipping item as it is being pulled from the fountain.

The guests appreciate the extra attention and they love the fact that we virtually eliminate the chances of them dripping melted chocolate on their nice clothes as well as all over the venue.

When it comes to some items, guests are not afraid to ask for help. Some items cannot be pierced with a skewer or then they wonder, how do I dip this in the chocolate fountain? We have a solution for everything.

Some venues have been concerned about the mess too, so we have taken the time to find solutions for protecting fine linens and flooring. If there is a concern, I am most certain, we have a solution to make a chocolate fountain do-able for any event or party. Even the most concerned venues have been more than pleased when they see how we do our set-up.

So no matter what the age is of your party guests, you can now party with no mess and no fuss and still have that chocolate least if you have the
Atlanta Chocolate Company provide your chocolate fountain.