Sunday, October 30, 2005

Halloween Double Chocolate Fountain Party

Tonight was fun....a night of Halloween costumes, music, dancing, munchies, and a dark chocolate and white chocolate fountain at a local Atlanta Halloween Party. Since we had two fountains running, I created some very special treats for the hosts to save for their children who couldn't stay for this all adult party. Surely they will be happy to know they didn't miss out of all of the goodies.

Well, it has been a long this is going to be short, but thought this was a fun photo to share. Tomorrow is a wedding..........and I am sure I will get at least one great photo to add from the wedding too......

Time for me to go have chocolate dreams now...

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Chocolate Blessings

Let's see where did we leave off last time? I now have 3 chocolate fountains, so now I can do an event with all three types of Belgian chocolate at the same event or party. This is the "Triple Chocolate Fountain Experience". One of each kind of imported Belgian chocolate - Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and White Chocolate, for those who just can't decide, or they are just plain chocoholics or have a bunch of friends and relatives who are.

I already have one party booked that is going to have two chocolate fountains because they like the idea of offering more than one type of chocolate for their guests, if the party was bigger, they might have gone for three because I could tell she really wanted to please everyone, yet another reason to book all three chocolate fountains.

We are already getting bookings for next year and are quite busy through the rest of this year. We are already looking for additional seasonal help to get us through the holidays. Everyone wants to have a party on December 3rd and we are so busy, we can't think about doing any more work unless we can find reliable, professional help with our businesses. This is a good thing!

Oh, and I forgot...we are going to be retailing home and smaller party sized chocolate fountains through our web site. Buy a Sephra Chocolate Fountain - online ordering will be available and the best part is that you can shop for all the chocoholics on your gift list with the click of the mouse.

We are also now set up to do custom chocolates for customers who do not want to make their own chocolate bars with our custom molds. We can do orders for any size order from 50 to 1,000 or more. That means we can accommodate a wedding, birthday, corporate party or event, fund raising, etc. The really cool part is that you can basically put any message, name, date or graphic or logo molded directly into the surface of the chocolate and the price is unheard of.

In the past few days I have found links to our web site from all over the world just about, maybe you have read about us too. Mainly because of this press release.....Chocolate Fountains are Quickly Becoming Increasingly Popular at Weddings and Parties in Atlanta, Georgia

Things are picking up and getting crazy, but that is what I hoped and prayed for and God's blessings are truly wonderful.