Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Bigger is Better! Size does matter.........

Whoever said size doesn't matter, was not talking about chocolate fountains. The other night I had over 200 people charging at my normally more than ample sized chocolate fountain with skewers of fruit "kabobs". I discovered that enough people rushing towards a chocolate fountain can make a chocolate fountain attendant stressed out if they can't keep up with the consumption of chocolate.

Most of the people had never actually seen a chocolate fountain before, so they didn't know what it looked like before they ate more chocolate than I could melt to replace it.

The interesting part is that we had just been discussing whether or not to get a larger fountain and then this particular event took place with the amount of people that were there and my mind was made up about halfway through the event. So now another larger chocolate fountain is on the way to add to my collection of chocolate fountains.

Another event is coming up soon where they are expecting close to 800 people.......so I think I will be more prepared for all the chocoholics that will be lingering around the chocolate fountains at that party. I will most definitely provide updates on how that turns out.