Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Chocolate Fountains & Fund Raising

One clever mom in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA organized a fund raiser for her son's ball team for a trip that they are going on. A silent auction was held to raise funds for their team. All kinds of sports memorabilia was auctioned as well as all kinds of merchandise and gift baskets. All kinds of food was served.

She wanted to do something that was really unique that a lot of people may not have experienced before and that is where we came into the picure. She decided to also include a chocolate fountain filled with Belgian milk chocolate.

One of the great things about a chocolate fountain is that not only is it a decadent dessert idea, but it is also a form of entertainment as guests 'ooh' and 'awe' over it. A few will have seen one somewhere else, some will look at and and wonder what it is since they have never seen one before...and they curiously come to find out.

Since we stay right there with our chocolate fountains, we are on hand to ensure that guests know how to use the fountain properly. There really is a right way and a wrong way to dip your treats into the fountain, so a quick lesson is given to those who need assistance.

Presentation is also another aspect of the chocolate fountain display. Arranged nicely, a chocolate fountain can also become a work of art and used sort of like a "centerpiece" to enhance your buffet. You can get as fancy as you want or keep it simple. All you have to really do is figure out what you think would taste good dipped in ooey gooey melted chocolate and you have an instant hit on your hands with your party guests.


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