Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Milk Chocolate Wedding

Many couples have a chocolate groom's cake in addition to their traditional wedding cake, however some couples even opt to add a chocolate fountain to make their wedding day even sweeter. For this particular occasion, Belgian milk chocolate was chosen to flow over the tiers of this couple's chocolate fountain for their wedding reception.

The wedding guests flocked to the chocolate fountain as soon as they entered the room. I was bombarded with eager chocolate fountain "newbies". For many it was their first time to ever see a chocolate fountain. The children loved it and if you know kids and chocolate, they were eager to return and dip more goodies into the warm melted milk chocolate. I would have to say the marshmallows were the biggest hit of all as well as the strawberries.

As the wedding guests approached the chocolate fountain, I assisted them as needed with simple instructions on how to properly dip their treats into the chocolate and how to avoid wearing the chocolate for the rest of the day. As you can imagine, if someone is dressed up in their nicest clothes, they don't want to be covered in melted chocolate. Of course I also wanted to eliminate any unecessary messes on the carpet of the venue as well.....since I want to be welcome back in the future.

Speaking of the was also a first for them. They had never had a chocolate fountain at their facility before, which I was actually quite surprised by since they do lots of weddings there. I think after their experience with our chocolate fountain, they will be happy to have us come back again. Even the staff at the facility was very much wishing they were wedding guests so they could sample the chocolate fountain too. I made sure they all got a sample before the day was over because I thought it would be too cruel to let them look at it all afternoon and not get to at least taste how good our chocolate is.

It was a fun day and I considered it an honor to be able to provide this fun and fabulous service to someone on one of the most important days in their lives. I am looking forward to many more weddings to come.


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