Monday, April 10, 2006

Willy Wonka Party

Theme parties are the rage this year and this school had fun with their theme for their prom…….Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory……you know the old story has been revived with the new movie that recently came out.

They recreated the chocolate river and candy land….and to top it off they planned to have their own flowing river of real chocolate…….well at least the equivalent to it……a double dose of our chocolate fountain brimming with real melted Belgian chocolate.

They opted for milk chocolate in the large fountain and white chocolate in the medium fountain. The organizer for the party commented that out of all the years she has helped with the prom, this was the most she has ever seen anyone eat from any of “buffets”.

Another chaperone commented that this was the third prom she has been to this year and that our chocolate was the best she has tasted from the fountains that were at all of the proms.

There also was chocolate on every table as decorations, Wonka bars galore scattered about and very cute centerpieces that were all covered in mini candy bars. Too cute!

We have another prom coming up in a few weeks that is also using our Atlanta-based DJ service in addition to our chocolate fountain….so there will be more to follow.


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